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Our Kefir is packed with billions of powerful probiotics to boost the immune system. Made small batch & with traditional methods, we use milk from grass fed cows & organic and regenerative pastures in East Sussex.

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Drinking kefir is a totally new experience to some - here are some FAQ's and tips to help you understand what to expect, and to get the most from this delicious natural drink.


1. "My kefir has separated in the bottle!"

This is perfectly natural - our kefir is made traditionally and is on the more lively and powerful side and therefore will separate. A gentle shake is nature's way of fixing this.


2. "Wait - I think it's slightly fizzy!"

Welcome to the sensation of powerful probiotics and living foods! That active feeling in your mouth is the billions of good bacteria ready to start working their magic.


3. "I like my kefir a bit more sour"

Despite Ki being a traditionally punchy kefir, some like it even stronger! If you want a little extra kick, just leave it out of the fridge until you get your desired taste.  

4. "Will it last long if I take it for a picnic?"

Kefir will last a good few hours out of the fridge - just expect it to have extra zing & fizz! It's sensitive to very hot temperatures, so be sure to open with caution if it's been in the sunshine, the good guys get a little excited (like us brits) when the sun arrives. Like all food, refrigeration slows down the bacteria growth, keeping the product fresher for longer. Note that lots of physical movement also speeds up fermentation so a bumpy bike ride will shake things up a little! 


We are Sam & Damien, the Co-founders of Ki Kefir. As regular kefir drinkers, our main frustrations were the inability to buy a good quality product that we felt would really make a difference to our health. So we created Ki. With our love of tasty, sustainable & functional food we sourced the best quality, organic milk from grass fed cows to bring you the most nourishing and delicious kefir out there! 


We are very excited to be able to share it with you all, and pass on the many health benefits contained in this wonderful product!


Nestled away in the Bluebell woodland at Bates Green Farm we welcome you through our Fermentary doors. Here we host a series of events, workshops & demonstrations to help educate both children and adults about the importance of food, farming & health. 

At the Ki Fermentary  you can get hands on with us but also learn from other leading experts at our  varied selection of events & collaborations.

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“This stuff is amazing. I was so excited to have come across this delicious smooth kefir which is made from well sourced & organic milk delivered straight to your door & packaged in lovely glass bottles. It's not farmy or too sour and my little boy seemed pretty happy with it as a replacement for yogurt.” 

—  Kristy Coleman, Nutritionist


A place for our latest articles, news and recipe sharing. 

We recently shared our thoughts on the benefits of Raw Milk and Kefir with Sheer Luxe, and have shared our favourite recipe with you. Click on the links below to ready more. 


Much more than just a drink - Ki kefir is wonderful in many ways and can be used in multitude of recipes.

Click on the images below for inspiration!

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