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Real probiotic power!


Ki Kefir is a sustainable & organic company based in East Sussex. We are Sam & Damien, two young health professionals and the co-founders of Ki who are excited to introduce our lively and delicious kefir to the world. Frustrated with buying kefir without the powerful kick of life it should have, we decided it was time to start sharing our own.


Ki is made the traditional way with living cultures, bringing you a kefir that taste exactly how it should. It's powerful, packed full of life and works wonders for your gut and digestive system. Not only does it contain probiotic goodness but it also contains a cocktail of vital vitamins and minerals crucial for good health. Many of our customers use our kefir to help aid IBS, Colitis, Crohns Disease, Rosacea, Eczema, Leaky Gut, Arthritis and improve their gut health. 


We make our kefir using the finest organic milk from grass fed cows. We produce in small batches at our fermentary and then deliver direct to your door. We are a minimal waste and fully sustainable company packaging our kefir in fully recyclable materials using glass bottles.

Take control of your health - It's the Ki to life!

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